Tribal Tour to India

Tribal Tourism to India is inter connected and blends with the indigenous tribal culture, values and traditions, tourism products owned and operated by tribal people. Tourism which includes tribal habitat, heritage, history and handicrafts, typically involves small tourism businesses benefitted by tribes or families. Tribal Tourism focused on indigenous knowledge of their inheritant culture and nature. Modern India has many indigenous tribes, that even today, have retained their primitive customs and their lives are directly associated with their natural surroundings. Mentioned below is an overview of tribes and tourism in India and its importance.

  • What is tribal tourism
  • Major Tribes of India
  • Significance of tribal tourism in India
  • Major tribal destinations in India

Globally, various anthropologists have been using different terms to describe the indigenous groups include Ethnic Minorities (China, Vietnam, Philippines); Tribes (Africa, Americas); Hill Tribes (Thailand); Scheduled Tribes or Adivasis (India); Native American, Indian or Amerindian (North and South America); Indigenes (Latin America); Aboriginal (Australia, Canada, Taiwan) and First Nations (Canada). This historical continuity is based on occupation of ancestral lands, common ancestry, cultural practices and language. Indigenous people are also economically and culturally marginalized and often live in extreme poverty.